3. The realisation: Why do we change?


“It’s a heavy burden to look up at the mountain and want to start the climb.”
– Abby Wambach

There have been times in my life where I felt like I was silent witness to my own existence.

I felt like I was watching my life from behind myself – from a viewing platform behind my own eyes – a surreal front row seat to my own mediocrity.

I was just a witness, I was not in control. I wasn’t having fun, and I certainly wasn’t happy.

I wanted to change, to test myself to see if I could do something about it.

The theory of discomfort was formulated over years, and I’m sure others have found it in their own way.

I found it initially while I was studying journalism – a profession which constantly puts you in awkward positions.

I found I enjoyed those awkward and uncomfortable moments.

The more I said yes to an opportunity, the more I had fun and the more opportunities came my way.

When I realised that, I decided to say yes more often – yes to everything, even if it scared the hell out of me.

I realised the biggest risk was not failure, but in saying “yes” itself – for the longest time it was only my fear which held me back.

The things which made me uncomfortable also gave me a thrill – it made me happy to attempt to conquer them.

Not only did it make me happy, but it made me confident in my abilities and it made me forget my past as well as the trivial problems of day-to-day life.

The needless minutiae disappeared and instead was replaced with emotions, colour, and gratefulness.

When you suffer for something you want – whether it is your art, your work, your relationship or a material thing, you appreciate it so much more.

I realised discomfort is a challenge, and each challenge is a new experience.

Each test of discomfort is a challenge to see how badly I want to be happy.

Discomfort is where I feel most comfortable.

The last few years I have lapsed back into my old ways – I took jobs which made me depressed, I lost fitness, confidence and happiness.

But I think you need those reminders to realise how valuable some things in life are, and nothing is as valuable as life experience.

Happiness is everything and happiness comes from being honest with yourself.

You can only be honest with yourself if you are humble and don’t make compromises for your beliefs.

If you want happiness, you have to dive in and chase the things which bring you joy, even if you have to suffer just a little bit to get there.

What is life – this fleeting moment we have on Earth – if the experience of happiness is gone?

In July, I will enter my first trail run – be sure to follow me on my journey to inevitable failure. #LiveDiscomfort