2. The beginning: facing the fear of failure

“Every fear hides a wish.”

From the play “Edmond” by David Mamet.

When I was 21, I realised I had a fear of failure.

I would often encounter a challenge, upon summing up the task, I would discern whether or not I thought I would succeed.

If I thought I would fail, I would promptly turn down the challenge.

I would simply give up without trying.

Fear is a strong motivator and it often causes us to shirk away from our potential.

Discomfort encapsulates fear, for within fear lies risk, anxiety, uncertainly and self-doubt.

Today, armed with that knowledge and a few years of more life experience, I firmly believe every challenge should be, at the very least, attempted.

I have realised I have learned my greatest lessons through my failures.

This realisation bred an idea, something I now call my “theory of discomfort”.

Essentially, I began to believe that anything which involves fear, risk and potential for failure, is really worth doing in the end.

For within discomfort lies valuable life experience.

I believe comfort is a drug which breeds laziness and fragility. It limits the perception of my self-worth.

Comfort is the opiate of the people.

Embracing discomfort, forging on through challenges which test you, cause you to grow resilience, determination, self-confidence and new knowledge and skills.

Life experience comes from failure.

Right now there is a lot of upheaval in my life – the full extent of which is still unclear.

This article marks the start of a challenge to myself – to set goals which will test me and my theory.

I will expose myself to discomfort as a form of therapy.

I will try and embrace my fears and go face-to-face with them in order to build a healthier mind.

This blog will document my journey and connect a community of people who live discomfort.

Stay tuned as I announce my goals and upcoming challenges to Live Discomfort.